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Use KUNAI as part of a healthy diet to maintain muscle mass and encourage tissue repair.

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Too many protein bars contain less effective filler ingredients, get stuck in your gut and don’t deliver actual results.

We created KUNAI to change that.

The protein in KUNAI packs a punch!
Proud to be Aussie-made from quality ingredients.
We only use the highest quality protein sources.
Designed to help you stay satisfied for longer and hit your daily macro needs.
Our Mission

Changing The Face Of Protein Bars

After many months of research, we developed a high quality protein bar for gym-goers and athletes.

If you’re serious about winning your own war on fitness, you’ll make KUNAI your weapon of choice.

The Name


A Kunai is a multifunctional Japanese tool, used as a weapon by the ninja.

Our bars are your weapon, arming you to face your daily physical and mental battles.

The Beginning
The beginning

Success Comes From Adversity

Kunai’s founder Max Palizban discovered the gym while on a quest to recover from a back injury… and never looked back.

The Action

Power Comes From Protein

We realised the importance of protein to support muscle repair and maintenance, but couldn’t find an option that tasted great, was easy to eat on the go and wasn’t made from ineffective ingredients.

The Results

Creating  A Champion

KUNAI was developed with the help of sports nutritionists and chefs, to fill the gap in the market for a high-quality, great tasting protein bar that’s made right here in Australia.


The Brains Behind The Brand

We’re All About Peak Performance.

Kunai CEO

Max Palizban

Max has a diverse career background in music, education, and eCommerce industries.

Max gained extensive experience in the eCommerce industry, working as the online coordinator for JB Hifi. He brings a wealth of knowledge, energy, and dedication to his company and customers.

Max is a lifelong learner and is committed to developing a team of professionals who can achieve results and believe in the power of teamwork.

Fitness Pro & Nutrition Expert

Jackson Peos

Jackson Peos is a well-known fitness coach and nutrition expert in Australia. He holds a PH. D in clinical and sport nutrition.

Jackson guides thousands of individuals regarding their fat loss, muscle gain and sporting goals. He has worked with nutrition companies to assist them with their enquiries regarding giving nutrition advice and guidance.

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