50-Gram Protein Bar

Apple Cinnamon

Experience the true strength of KUNAI BARS.

We put in hours of work to make sure this product:

  Highly dosed with Whey and Casein

  Has no soy or collagen

  Tastes great

  Is easy to eat, anywhere

  Won’t get stuck in your gut

AUD $8.99 per bar / $90 per box of 12 GST
Get two bars for free when buying one box

The protein in KUNAI packs a punch!
Proud to be Aussie-made from quality ingredients.
We only use the highest quality protein sources.
Designed to help you stay satisfied for longer and hit your daily macro needs.
The KUNAI difference

We’ve got nothing to hide

Great taste | Grab & Go | Quality ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s All You Need To Know

What makes KUNAI different?

KUNAI is an independently owned brand that’s distributed from our headquarters in Perth, WA. We source local ingredients as much as possible and create our bars from our Western Australian location.

KUNAI was developed by fitness fanatics for fitness fanatics. We are a privately owned brand that cares about quality and results more than sales and marketing.

Our team spent months creating a recipe for a unique protein bar that tastes amazing and delivers what it’s supposed to. And we purposely avoided using chocolate because we know you’re over chocolate protein products.

Sick of shakes and tired of protein bars that are basically junk food? If you’re looking for real value and genuine results, grab a box of KUNAI today.

Order KUNAI bars directly from our website.

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